The lead associates in Eamer Science & Policy are Joan Eamer (MSc, RPBio) and Claire Eamer (MA).

joan eamer_sm3Joan is a professional biologist with years of experience in environmental, biodiversity, and ecosystem science at the regional, national, and international scales, along with substantial qualifications in policy development and report production, particularly related to polar regions. Joan Eamer CV Oct 2013

Claire EamerClaire is a science writer with many years’ experience as a journalist, broadcaster, and editor. She has written or edited science-based materials for both lay and specialist audiences at the regional to international scale. In addition, she has published half a dozen non-fiction books for children. Go to Claire’s personal website for information about her books. Claire Eamer CV 2014

Eamer Science & Policy can also call on any of a group of professionals, as needed, to provide specialist expertise in such areas as bibliographic database development, geographic information systems, policy research and development, graphic design, and wildlife science and management. Information about some of our associates and their areas of expertise follows below.

Patrick_smPatrick Daley is a geomatics technician and heritage specialist. His interests and skills lie in applying historical, archaeological and geomatic information to interpret human-environment interactions. He is particularly familiar with modern, historical and prehistoric land-use patterns in northern North America. Patrick Daley CV 2014

Nick-smNick Osmond-Jones is a researcher and policy analyst. Nick is a generalist with a solid grounding in political theory, economics, and environmental science. He is interested in any work that will contribute to the development of sustainable environmental policies. Nick Osmond-Jones CV 2013

megan1-smMegan Osmond-Jones is completing her bachelor’s degree in natural resource science at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. She has a keen interest in the connections between biota and environmental processes. Megan brings a strong ecosystem science background, combined with excellent research and communication skills, to our projects. Megan Osmond-Jones CV 2013

KellyBadgerKelly Badger is a graphic designer and communications expert. Her interests lie in finding creative solutions for presenting data visually, developing intuitive layouts for publications, and providing quality assurance for content. She is particularly eager to apply her skills towards her passion for environmental causes and policy. Kelly Badger CV 2013