Report on Deep Sea Minerals now available online

For more than a year, an Eamer Science & Policy team (Claire Eamer and Patrick Daley) has been working on technical editing and reference management for an important multi-volume report on the science and economic potential of deep sea minerals in the Pacific. We’re delighted that the project is complete and the report – all four volumes, plus a summary – is now available online through GRID-Arendal Publications.

The first volume, Deep Sea Minerals: A physical, biological, environmental, and technical review, is divided into three sub-volumes that examine the geology and associated biology of the three principal deep sea mineral deposit types found in the Pacific Region. They also look at the environmental and technical aspects related to deep sea mineral extraction.

The report’s second volume examines the socio-economic, legal, and fiscal aspects of the emerging deep sea minerals industry. It provides a green economy context for examining how deep sea mining could be profitable, sustainable, and meet the needs of Pacific Island people without sacrificing cultural heritage, community values, or the health of ocean ecosystems.

Developing the Deep Sea Minerals report series involved some 60 of the world’s top experts in the field, It was funded by the European Union through the Deep Sea Minerals in the Pacific Islands Region: a Legal and Fiscal Framework for Sustainable Resource Management Project.

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