Kids’ guides to Arctic biodiversity now online

Three brand-new illustrated pocket guides to aspects of Arctic biodiversity are now online – along with instructors’ manuals. And we’re very proud of them!

Eamer Science & Policy created the guides for CAFF, a working group of Arctic Council. All are free, downloadable, printable in North American or international standard sizes, and feature the amazing artwork of Sherrie York.

The guides are designed to be used in classrooms, as a basis for field trips, or by community youth groups. And don’t worry if you don’t live in the Arctic. A lot of the information will be of interest to kids outside the Arctic too – and the projects and activities can be used in your own local field trips with kids.

The three guide sets, with direct links, are:

Please take a look, download them, and try them out. Any feedback or suggestions for improvement or for more guides are most welcome. You can send them to CAFF directly via the link on their main education site, or you can send them to us and we’ll pass them on. Enjoy!

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