Below are recent projects, along with Eamer Science & Policy teams assigned to them.


Annual Report of the Committees established under Sections 11–14 of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement and the Joint Secretariat for the 2017/2018 fiscal year. Substantive editing and formatting on behalf of the Joint Secretariat, Inuvik, NWT. ES&P lead: Claire Eamer.

Selkirk First Nation Traditional Use Study 2017. Substantive editing and formatting of a major study, led by North\West Resources Consulting Group, Whitehorse, Yukon. ES&P lead: Claire Eamer.


Summary graphics and posters for meetings and consultation sessions, for a Yukon First Nation, 2017. Preparation of a series of posters and a library of graphics summarizing the results of a survey of living conditions. ES&P lead: Joan Eamer.

Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope) Term Report: April 1, 2014 – March 31 2017, (2017). Report summarizing recent research and ecological management in the Yukon North Slope undertaken or funded by WMAC(NS) under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. Written and prepared on behalf of WMAC(NS). ES&P team: Claire Eamer (lead); Patrick Daley (writer).


Arctic biodiversity principles and their application in mainstreaming biodiversity. 2016. Phase 1: Background and options paper. Scoping project for Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) working group of the Arctic Council, producing a report and presentation with key findings and recommendations. ES&P team: Joan Eamer (lead); Claire Eamer (interviews with practitioners); Megan Osmond-Jones (research assistant). Available from CAFF.

Transboundary large marine ecosystems assessment. 2016. Assessment report and summary for policy makers. Part of the United Nations/Global Environment Facility Transboundary Waters Assessment Program (ES&P’s client: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, UNESCO). ES&P involvement: Joan Eamer edited the multi-author assessment report and co-authored and prepared infographics for the status and trends report; Kelly Badger prepared maps and graphics for the assessment report. Available at


Life Linked to Tundra; Life Linked to Ponds; Life Linked to Spring. 2015. Youth communication materials (children’s pocket ecosystem guides and instructors’ manuals) based on the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment. For CAFF, a working group of Arctic Council. ES&P team: Claire Eamer (project lead, senior writer); Megan Osmond-Jones (researcher, junior writer); Kelly Badger (graphic designer). Available from CAFF.

Waste Crime – Waste Risks: Gaps in Meeting the Global Waste Challenge. 2015. A UNEP Rapid Response Assessment. ES&P contribution: Claire Eamer (substantive editor, copy editor). Available at UNEP.

Frozen Heat: A Global Outlook on Methane Gas Hydrates. 2015. Two-volume report on the science and energy potential of gas hydrates, along with a summary report for policy makers. UNEP/GRID-Arendal, Marine Programme. Available from GRID-Arendal. ES&P lead: Claire Eamer (science writer, substantive editor). Other associates: Patrick Daley (editorial assistant, reference editor); Joan Eamer (editorial consultant).

Canadian Arctic and Taiga Ecozone Status and Trends reports. Canadian Councils of Resource Ministers, 2012-2015. ES&P lead: Joan Eamer (author or science writer for arctic and taiga ecozone reports and on the author team for the report on northern caribou); Megan Osmond-Jones (research and editorial assistant). Reports available from the federal government biodiversity website.


Yukon Health and Wellness in a Changing Climate. 2014. Internal report for the Yukon Climate Change Coalition. ES&P team: Claire Eamer (science writer, substantive editor) and Patrick Daley (substantive editor).

Yukon Thinhorn Sheep: Horn Growth, Genetics and Climate Change. 2014. Environment Yukon. ES&P lead: Claire Eamer (science writer). Available online from Environment Yukon.


Life Linked to Ice: A Guide to Sea-Ice-Associated Biodiversity in This Time of Rapid Change. Report prepared for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) working group of Arctic Council, 2013. It was released at the Senior Arctic Officials’ meeting, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, October 21-23, 2013, and is available for download at the CAFF website. ES&P lead: Joan Eamer (lead author, editor, and graphics designer). Other associates: Megan Osmond-Jones (research and editorial assistance); Claire Eamer (copy editor).

Russian Arctic Protected Area Network Assessment. 2013. ES&P restructured and copy-edited this report, which was translated from the Russian, for the WWF Global Arctic Programme. ES&P team: Joan Eamer and Nick Osmond-Jones.

Pacific Marine Minerals and Deep Sea Mining Assessment. 2013. Multi-volume report on the science and economic potential of marine minerals. UNEP/GRID-Arendal, Marine Programme. ES&P contribution: Claire Eamer and Patrick Daley, technical editors. Available from GRID-Arendal.

Rapid Change in the Arctic, UNEP Yearbook 2013 emerging issues chapter, released at the UNEP Governing Council meeting, February 2013. ES&P contribution: Joan Eamer (part of author team). Available from UNEP.


CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment (CARMA) Network. A network of researchers, managers, and community leaders working on caribou and wild reindeer populations around the Arctic. ES&P leads: Joan Eamer (communications and planning, since the network’s founding in 2004 and ongoing; most recently, co-editor of proceedings of CARMA 8, December 2012); Megan Osmond-Jones (developer of CARMA database of publications and reports, 2012). CARMA website.

Arctic Species Trend Index, 2012. Two technical reports: 1) arctic marine species trends; and 2) results of species spatial analyses; a key findings report based on the technical reports. Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna working group of Arctic Council with the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program and the Zoological Society of London. ES&P contribution: Joan Eamer (science writer for key findings report and editor of technical reports). Reports available from CAFF. Key findings report.

Why Value the Oceans? A Discussion Paper, 2012. Prepared by UNEP/GRID-Arendal and Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions in collaboration with the UNEP TEEB Office and the UNEP Regional Seas Programme. ES&P co-leads: Joan Eamer, Claire Eamer (science writers, substantive editors). Available at GRID-Arendal.

Clean Energy, Analysis of Options for Many Strong Voices, an alliance of Arctic and Small Island Developing States, 2012. Interviews, background research, report, and briefing materials. ES&P involvement: project conducted by Joan Eamer. Many Strong Voices website.


Yukon Water: An Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerabilities. 2011. Government of Yukon. ES&P lead: Claire Eamer (consultant, science writer, editor). Available at Environment Yukon.