Community and Citizen Science Resources

These are useful resources for designing community-based field studies. Both manuals contain general ecological information and practical guidance, monitoring protocols, and field and data forms for use in the field.

  • Field Manual for Tundra and Taiga Ecosystem Monitoring, based on International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) protocols. This two part manual was published in 2003 by the Government of Canada. It was developed by CANTTEX: the Canadian Tundra and Taiga Experiment, a program under EMAN-North (The Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network for Northern Canada). Both programs have since been cancelled. The lead authors are David Bean, Greg Henry, and Sandra Rolph from UBC. Joan was project coordinator and a contributor. CANTTEX Manual Part A  (setting up a basic monitoring site; 2.5 MB); CANTTEX Manual Part B (additional methods and experimental manipulations; 2.5 MB)
  • Northern Waters; A Guide to Designing and Conducting Water Quality Monitoring in Northern Canada. This manual was produced by EMAN-North in 2005. Joan was project coordinator and a contributing author. (7.5 MB)

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