Science Outreach

We can help you communicate your science and your key findings to a range of audiences, from policy makers to school children. Final products might include an executive summary for decision makers, a web-based version for public use, slides and notes for community presentations, newsletter articles, and media releases. We can also help you translate your main points into eye-catching visual materials that tell your story quickly and effectively.

Joan has many years’ experience working with co-management organizations in northern Canada, communicating science to rural and aboriginal communities, and delivering scientific information to decision makers from the local level to the international stage. Claire has written about science for radio and newspaper audiences, community-based newsletters, scientifically knowledgeable audiences, and school children.

Samples of reports for decision makers

Samples of communication for general audiences

  • Rapid Change in the Arctic (pdf). UNEP Yearbook 2013 emerging issues chapter, released at the UNEP Governing Council meeting, February 2013. Joan was a member of the writing team.
  • Sci/Why, a group blog by Canadian children’s science writers. Senior Associate Claire Eamer is a founding member of the blog and a regular contributor.
  • Life Linked To…. This series of children’s field guides to Arctic ecosystems and accompanying leaders’ manuals was prepared by an Eamer Science & Policy team for the Arctic Council working group, CAFF.
  • Global Outlook for Ice & Snow. UNEP’s 2007 World Environment Day publication, which formed the basis for press releases and presentations around the world. Joan was the project coordinator, editor and an author of the book.